Monday, September 12, 2011

My September Card Class is out!!

sorry, I forgot I told you I would update when I got the items to finish up my fourth card.....all done and posted for your viewing pleasure!! lol

I know, I have all been sitting right on the edges of your seats to see what I am going to do this month....right??? Right! lol
Well, I am about to show you. There was such an overwhelming response to the Memory Box Halloween samples the store received, so I re-created some of them to have a class with you all! (I tweaked them a tiny bit to make them mine....oh, except for the tall one...I loved it just like it was and didn't want to change a thing!!!)
Only thing is, I am waiting on a die and a stamp to make up my fourth card so I am going to "borrow" an image from a Memory Box blog to show you pretty much what the 4th card is going to look won't be exactly like that, but pretty close.
Soooo......are you ready????
Are you SURE you are ready????
Well, they are!!!!!

.....AND.....HERE IT IS!!! :o)

Hope you like them....and hope to see you in class!
Until then....Happy Stampin'....Sharon

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Cathy said...

Great cards that provide lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I love them all.