Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer World Tour..... summer world tour has sad!

Sharon and I made a list and realized I have been in 13 states this would think i would be exhausted but actually.... i am ready to go!!! I will share a little of each stop on the tour in several posts...i do not want you to get too bored!

I will share what my fav was.....Long Beach, California....BEAUTIFUL! I actually took a laptop, no i pad....nothing just my kiddos, well 2 of them, Bailey decided she didn't want to go? She did not want to miss the first day of school, i have no idea how i produced a child that would pick school over the beach and JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!  We had tickets for the Taylor Swift concert and Mr Bieber made a special appearence....Don't worry that ticket did not go to waste. We had the pleasure of having the most amazing tour guide....Alberto, so we invited him to go with us! He even wore his Bieber shoes just for the concert! it was a great time and can not wait til the next visit i make!

here are a few pics....
till the next time....Susie

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