Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heat Transfer Vinyl & Repurposed T-shirt

My youngest daughter had this t-shirt that we brought back for her from D.C.  She recently out grew out of it but was sad to see it in the "donate" box.  Most of her too small clothing goes to younger cousins or a friend that is smaller.  So I pulled it out and typically would put it in a pile that will someday become a quilt made from old clothing.  Well it didn't stay there long either before she pulled it out and asked to wear it again.  I think it was the color that she loved the most, lol.  So with a few scraps of fabric and the fabulous Silouhette brand HTV from Scrap Happy it is now her favorite backpack.  Silouhette vinyl is a great value and Scrap Happy has a  variety of colors already available in the store. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters of her name with the Hello Kitty Font cartridge.  Did you know you can use shadows and layers with the HTV?!  If you have not tried the iron-on (aka HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl) in your Cricut, you are missing out on a whole world of crafts!  Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming HTV Cricut classes.

Bonus: T-shirts my oldest DD and I made with a combo of screen printing and HTV for her Girl Scout Troop when they went to Chicago.  The front of the shirt says: " If RAWR means I love you" and the back of the shirt says:

The dinosaur was printed on my inkjet printer onto Silouhette printable HTV, also available at Scrap Happy!

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