Thursday, October 13, 2011

*NEW* Kit Of The Month Club

 Hello Everybody!

This is Ashley Rock here and I am oober excited to announce that Scrap Happy is starting up a brand new Kit Of The Month Club, "KOTMC" for short ;) I will be the one designing the kits each month and the very first kit will be starting this November. How exciting!!

 KOTMC details:
*I will design 4 pages with each kit (this could vary, but is not likely)
*Step by step instructions and photos will be included
*Features a new line on the market each month
*Comes with full sheets of paper so if you want to change up your layouts you can easily do so
*Embellishments will be split so we can incorporate more of a variety

As mentioned, the KOTMC’s first kit will be the November kit. Each month the kit will be in stock and displayed at Scrap Happy by the 1st, for example the November kit will be there by November 1st.

You can get your kit 1 of 2 ways: Commit for 6 months or pick and choose each month (please thoroughly read the difference between the 2 choices)
*If you want to do the 6 month commitment, this commitment guarantees you a kit every month and you will be able to purchase the kit at the commitment price of $20 a month.
*If you want to pick and choose, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that there will be any kits left as we are placing orders with our vendors according to the amount of people we have committed. And then there’s the non-discounted kit price of $25 for each kit.

If you know that you are interested, I urge you to call into Scrap Happy as soon as possible to insure you receive a kit and so we can plan accordingly for the upcoming months.

**For those of you who are interested but don't live in the area, Scrap Happy will  ship the kits to you for a flat rate of $6 each month

Below are pictures of the companies we are using for the first 3 kits. 
*November: Lost and Found 2
*November (Mid Month Release): Echo Park-For The Record  (This will be the only mid month release, we are doing this one because we have a very limited amount of kits available at this time)
*December: Simple Stories- 25 Days of Christmas

And here is a brief background on me, Ashley Rock!

*I worked at Pizazz It! Scrapbooks in Pickerington, Ohio for almost 8 years, from before it's doors were opened until the day it's doors closed. (I bet those of you who were thinking "that name sounds familiar.... but why" are having a "AH-HA" moment hehe)

*I have recently (and by recently I mean about 2 days ago) been featured on Making Memories blog as their Guest Designer

*And I just started my very own scrapbook blog about 4 months ago

To gather more information about me and to get an idea on of my "style" please feel free to check out my blog (click here) and browse around. =)

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