Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Great Lakes Mega Meet-FINALLY

Banner Susie whipped up with doilies, GORGEOUS & everyone LOVED it!
I know, I know, we have been back from the 2011 Mega Meet for well over a week, now.  Blame it on me, the new girl (Candy) and my new camera and my new photo editing program......not to mention my utter exhaustion from partaking in the fun that was Mega Meet.  In fact, not sure that I, or any of us for that matter, have completely recovered.........however, my exhaustion is NOT the excuse for leaving out photos of myself ;)

If you don't know what Great Lakes Mega Meet is, it is a huge, annual, convention held in Novi, MI and it's full of pure, unadulterated  scrapbooking Heaven!  Regional and local shops, national vendors, lots of super door prizes, crops, classes, and 1000's of ideas & inspiration from all over.  Everyone who has a passion for scrapbooking, card making or just about any paper craft just HAS to attend Mega Meet at least once!  The good news is, if you missed Mega Meet, never fear, this year the organizers of Mega are planning a Mini Meet in Toledo, OH on November 18th & 19th at the Seagate Centre downtown!  The even better news.......Scrap Happy is going to be a vendor at the 1st annual convention!!!!!  We will keep you updated on registration information as we get it, we want you ALL to come see us.

We spent the first day setting up and for all our hard work we had a beautiful booth.

Susie, taught 3 classes each day with the exception of the last..........there just wasn't enough time.  Of course, all her students loved her and her kits, I mean, seriously, who wouldn't?  Sharon & Cathy worked on make~n~takes,

 I manned the register,

and the infamous & faithful Ron,

husband of Susie, tamed the colony of ladies swarming the t-shirts that just so happened to be THE talk of Mega Meet.  Young & old alike were buzzing about our t-shirts, so many ladies came back two or three times to get more or get another as gift for her lucky friend!  It was so fun.....well, until we got back to the hotel at night and had to make more and more and more t-shirts.............
This was our room, ohhhhhhh, about 2am.......=D  Yes, that is our Susie hiding back there..........=D

It was a fabulous, albeit, exhausting weekend, we met so many nice people, got lots of new people signed up for store info, saw gorgeous works of creativity, networked with other vendors and most importantly got lots of fabulous ideas running through our heads.  So many awesome things are coming up in the months ahead at Scrap Happy, classes, product, crops, and SO much more, a lot of it is inspired by our annual trip to Mega Meet.  We hope you are signed up for our email list or have friended us on facebook.  There will be lots of important info coming to you in the days weeks ahead.  Spread the word, get your friends to sign up for the blog, email and/or facebook.......there may just be something in it for you!

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Mrs.Lumpy said...

We had a GREAT time!!!! And I think I am over my fun-filled exhaustion!! Great write up, Candy!! You summed it up ver nicely....can't wait till November!!!!