Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank you COLUMBUS!

We had a great time this last weekend... it is hard to believe we have been in business for almost 2 years already.

Going to shows is ALOT of work and i could not do it without my "roadies" (thanks, Mardi, Jen, Rachel and of coarse my Ron) So many people do not understand why we do what we do. Well, I feel this is the best way to put a face to Scrap Happy, hopefully you will come visit and hang out with us!

so, what is new here? (since, I have not posted since OCTOBER??)

We have a crop this weekend at bubby's. the cost is $25.00. you receive lunch, goodie bag, make-n-takes and door prizes. for this crop EVERYONE will receive a door prize. Fiskars was kind enough to donate ALOT of product. 12 hours of not only cropping but laughing as well!!!

We are taking reservations for the all weekend crop in October also!

Well, i must get some sleep, Y&R is almost over and i have alot of unpacking in the morning!


Mardi said...

You are welcome Susie, Columbus was so much fun!

I love making new friends and seeing some we made from last year!
Of course friends from the store that came down to visit us is always an added bonus!

See you all at the crop on Saturday!

Stacy said...

Yay! A scrap happy blog! I'm subscribing. Have fun on Saturday.