Monday, January 7, 2013

Bo Bunny Winter CHA 2012 sneak peeks & pre-orders

Hi all, it is that wonderfully exciting time of year called CHA!  This is when all the scrapbook companies come out with all their new lines to be released between February and the Summer CHA in July.  This year, for our awesome customers,  we are taking pre-orders at a 20% discount!  Beginning today stop by the online store HERE to be one of the first to have one of these amazing lines by Bo Bunny.  We will have each line's paper collections up for sale, but if any of the fun accessories tickle your fancy, be sure to let us know by facebook, this here blog, by email ( or phone (419-443-0882) or in the comments section of your purchase.  Enjoy and stay tuned later today for more sneaks from Basic Grey and tomorrow for even more great companies!

BoBunny CHA Winter 2013 Sneak Peek Mama-Razzi 2

Mamarazzi logoLR
14001637 Mama-razzi2

14001638 Mama-razzi2_Balance

14001639 Mama-razzi2_Contrast

14001640 Mama-razzi2_Darkroom

14001641 Mama-razzi2_Focus

14001642 Mama-razzi2_OhSnap!

14001643 Mama-razzi2_PhotoBooth

14001644 Mama-razzi2_Shutterbug

14001645 Mama-razzi2_Sidelighting

14001646 Mama-razzi2_Strike a Pose

14001647 Mama-razzi2_Tripod

14001648 Mama-razzi2_Viewfinder

14016664 mamarazzi_collectionpack_Cover

14017665 mama-razzi2 6x6 cover

14002649 Mamarazzi Photo Op Sticker    14002650 Mamarazzi Super Dad Sticker

14003651 mamarazzi2 COMBO

14004652 mama-razzi2 brads   14005653 mamarazzi 2 stamp

14006654 mamarazzi trinkets   14007655 mamarazzi2 jewels

14008656 mamarazzi 2 buttons   14009657 mamarazzi 2 layered chipboard

14010658 mamarazzi dimensional   14012660 mamarazzi_rubon

14013661 mamarazzi2_noteworthy  14014662 mama-razzi mini album

14015663 12x12chipboard mama-razzi2

BoBunny CHA Winter 2013 Sneak Peek Family Is

Family is logoLR
13901608 Famiy Is
13901609 Family Is Ask Dad
13901610 Family Is Crazy
13901611 Family Is Drama
13901612 Family Is Fun
13901613 Family Is Happy
13901614 Family Is Love
13901615 Family Is Me & Mine
13901616 Family Is Messy
13901617 Family Is Mischief

13901618 Family Is Nuts

13901619 Family Is Silly
13817606family is 6x6 cover
13902620 Family is Crazy Sticker
13902621 Family is Nutz sticker
13903622 FAMILY IS...COMBO
13904623 Family is brads
13905624 family is stamp
13906625 family is trinkets
13907626 family is jewels
13908627family is buttons
13909628family is layered chipboard
13910629family is dimensional

13915633 12x12chipboard FAMILY

Bo Bunny CHA Winter 2013 Sneak Peek C'est La Vie Collection

Cest la vie logoLR
13801578 C'est la Vie
13801579 C'est la Vie_Art Nouveau
13801580 C'est la Vie_Belle
13801581 C'est la Vie_Courturiere

13801582 C'est la Vie_Creme de la Creme
13801583 C'est la Vie_Decoupage
13801584_C'est la Vie_Domino
13801585 C'est la Vie_Deja vu
13801586 C'est la Vie_Ephemera
13801587 C'est la Vie_La Vie en Rose
13801588 C'est la Vie_Panache

13801589 C'est la Vie_Voila!
13802590 C'est la vie Happiness Sticker
13802591 C'est la vie Love You Mom
13803592 cestlavie COMBO
13804593 cest la vie brads
13806595 cest la vie trinkets
13807596 cest la vie jewels
13808597 cest la vie buttons
13809598 cest la vie layered chipboard
13810599 cest la vie dimensional
13811600 cest la vie petals
13812601 cest la vie_rubon
13813602 cest la vie_noteworthy
13814603 C'est la vie mini album
13815604 12x12 Chipboard cestlavie
13816605 C'est la Vie_collectionpack_Cover
13817606 cest la vie 6x6 cover

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