Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun NEW look.....

I know, I know......If i have time to change the back ground, where are all the pictures? The whole having to upload, re-size, re-load and post is to much for me. I have delegated this to Amy- she is the blogger of the bunch. & of coarse she is not working this Wed., she is off to Iowa..(I think, I know it is an I state) so next week promise pictures!

So you might be asking what is new? Tons.....have you been to the store yet? It is sooo nice(& i am not just saying that since I own the store!!!!) We have customers every day! Oh...the little things in life! All of us enjoy helping customers learn new techniques, show them the latest and greatest or just listen to there stories on what they are scrapping!!

Did you know we have a new make-n-take every week? YEP! A new cute little project ready for you to either make it and take it home or just purchase the kit! Stop in and check it out!

So I have been thinking alot about the holiday season.....I have many reasons to be thankful!

Check the blog out on Thursday and I will share....YES, PICTURES!!!!

Hope to see you all soon!

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