Saturday, August 23, 2008

NEW store coming soon! Are you ready?

I guess a better question i ready?

It is pretty sad when your new landlord calls to see how things are coming along? Since he has seen no activity yet. I laughed...then explained this is how i work....i wait till the last minute, actually the last second....

The carpet layers will be there Monday at 9am, I will be there till midnight painting on Sunday. (Sorry, Jenese...I know my goal was to have it done BEFORE CHA!)

Anyways, here is the scoop....

Scrap Happy Clyde AND New Riegel will be closing there doors Saturday, August 30th at 4pm!
This is our last week at both locations. We will then pack up each store and move all the product to one beautiful new store!

We will be closed for a short time to organize everything(Not for a vacation!) We will open our doors for EVERYONE on saturday september 13th!

We are hosting a VIP night, Friday September 12th @ 6pm! This is by invitation of today we have 3 spots left! If you are intersted please contact either store and we will give you the info!

Our NEW store hours are....ARE YOU READY?

FINALLY...Scrap Happy will be open....7 DAYS A WEEK!
Monday- Friday 10am till 7pm
Saturday 10-4 & Sunday's 12noon till 4pm

how exciting is that? It will be sooooo nice to have a full staff under 1 beautful new store.....
I could not do it without them....Rachel, Kim, Amy, Jenese, Work Suzie, Deb...the Scrap Happy peeps......

More details to come....soon!


NuttyNurse92 said...

Yeah!!! 7 days a week..How exciting...I can't hardly wait..

Tisha said...

Thanks for writing this.